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Bullhorn Career Portal

A Bullhorn Platform SDK app that allows candidates to search for and apply to jobs.

The career portal is an application that you are able to self host that was built with Typescript and Angular. With the modularity of Angular, the repository is structured in a way that logically breaks up each section into individual components such as the sidebar or the apply modal. Due to this structure, the Career Portal is very simple to customize.

Colors/Look and Feel

The app was designed to have an easy entry points for common configuration. For example, we have included a custom.css file in the /static directory. You are able to add your custom css to override the styles on your webpage. You are able to customize the css without rebuilding the application.

Adding additional Information to your jobs.

You are able to add information on your webpage through info chips found on the job details page and the job list. This is simple configuration that doesn’t require additional code. If you would like to add additional functionality, we suggest reviewing Angular’s Template Syntax

Adding additional functionality to job site

The career portal was built with Angular and Bullhorn’s Novo-Elements component library. This component library comes with many utilities and features that can easily be added to add different toast or modals, or even field interactions to guide your candidate through filling out the job application.


Once you are done customizing the portal you will want to build it using the build steps found here