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Bullhorn Career Portal

A Bullhorn Platform SDK app that allows candidates to search for and apply to jobs.

The portal is configurable without modifying code. The options are found in the app.json file found in the root directory of the portal.

Option Description
acceptedResumeTypes This option defines the resume extensions that will be accepted when you attempt to upload a resume. The default options are “html”, “text”,”txt”,”pdf”,”doc”,”docx”,”rtf”,”odt”.
companyName This is the company name that displays at the top of the portal and in the EEOC information on the apply modal
companyLogoPath This is the image that will be displayed when shared on social media. (advanced hosting only)
companyUrl URL of your main recruiting website
careersUrl URL of the page that you are hosting the career portal on.
defaultLocale This is the locale that will display on the portal if the browser does not request a specific look and feel. The ones that you can add are en-US,en-GB, and fr-FR.
supportedLocales The locales that the browser will switch to if the browser requests a specific language The ones that you can add are en-US,en-GB,en-EU, and fr-FR. Ordered by preference.
minUploadSize This is the smallest file size that is allowed by the portal. The default is 4096 (kb).
maxRelatedJobs The amount of related jobs that displays below the apply section. The default is 5.
maxUploadSize This is the largest file size that is allowed by the portal. The default is 5242880 (kb).
batchSize This is the amount of jobs supported by the portal. The max is 500. This changes the count in the API queries
corpToken The unique identifier for the corporation that is provided by Bullhorn Support
port This is the port used to communicate with Bullhorn. When null the default is 443
swimlane The server cluster that the corporation is located on. This is provided by Bullhorn Support.
fields Fields that are requested from Bullhorn in API calls.
jobInfoChips list of fields displayed on the job as the grey “chips”. If the field is not available from the API request, please add it to the “fields” option. If the field does not display in the API request, please contact Bullhorn Support so they can complete the necessary steps on their end to get the fields to display
fields Fields that are requested from Bullhorn in API calls.
showCategory Determines whether or not the category field will show on the job list entry/job .
keywordSearchFields allows you to change which fields are available to keyword search.
field Additional field to narrow down the jobs in the job list. Example: If you wanted to use two portals and each with different jobs, you can have one portal use customText2 with values A, B, and C and the other use customText2 with values C, D, and E
values For use with the additional criteria field option. This is the value it will look for in the field specified above
sort order that the fields appear in the list. Prepend either a + or - to determine if the field is descending or ascending respectively (ex -dateLastPublished or
googleAnalytics >tracking Id Field to enter in your google analytics tracking ID
googleSiteVerification > verification code Adds meta tag to your header for google site verification
genderRaceEthnicity Adds the prompt to ask for ethnicity on the apply popup.
veteran Adds the prompt to ask for veteran status on the apply popup.
disability Adds the prompt to ask about disability on the apply popup.
consentCheckbox Enables whether or not a checkbox that states consent of the privacy policy restricts applying to the career portal or not
privacyPolicyUrl Url for the privacy policy link.
usePrivacyPolicyUrl Enables or disables use of the privacy policy url when the linked is clicked. When disabled and the consent checkbox is enabled, when the link is clicked a tooltip opens