U.S. East Coast Data Center (Waltham)


  • https://auth.bullhornstaffing.com
  • https://rest.bullhornstaffing.com
  • https://api.bullhornstaffing.com

U.S. East Data Center

CLS40, CLS41, CLS42

  • https://auth-east.bullhornstaffing.com
  • https://rest-east.bullhornstaffing.com
  • https://api-east.bullhornstaffing.com

U.S. West Coast Data Center

CLS30, CLS31, CLS32, CLS33, CLS34, CLS35

  • https://auth-west.bullhornstaffing.com
  • https://rest-west.bullhornstaffing.com
  • https://api-west.bullhornstaffing.com


  • https://auth-west50.bullhornstaffing.com
  • https://rest-west50.bullhornstaffing.com
  • https://api-west50.bullhornstaffing.com

APAC Data Center


  • https://auth-apac.bullhornstaffing.com
  • https://rest-apac.bullhornstaffing.com
  • https://api-apac.bullhornstaffing.com

UK Data Center

CLS21, CLS22, CLS23

  • https://auth-emea.bullhornstaffing.com
  • https://rest-emea.bullhornstaffing.com
  • https://api-emea.bullhornstaffing.com

German Data Center


  • https://auth-ger.bullhornstaffing.com
  • https://rest-ger.bullhornstaffing.com
  • https://api-ger.bullhornstaffing.com

Sandbox Environments


  • https://auth9.bullhornstaffing.com
  • https://rest9.bullhornstaffing.com
  • https://bhservice9.bullhornstaffing.com

CLS91 and CLS99

  • https://auth-west9.bullhornstaffing.com
  • https://rest-west9.bullhornstaffing.com
  • https://api-west9.bullhornstaffing.com

About Cluster IDs

CLS2, CLS21 and so forth are cluster IDs that are contained in a user’s browser URL (address bar) once they are logged in.

Example: https://cls21.bullhornstaffing.com/BullhornSTAFFING/MainFrame.jsp?#no-ba… indicates that the logged in user is on CLS21 (therefore the appropriate API URLs to use are for the UK Data Center) As such Cluster IDs do not change for a customer, so identifying the correct cluster ID for all users for a given customer is a one time exercise.