Bullhorn Connect


Internally at Bullhorn we have to open new pages within the CRM from different contexts of the application, externally from emails, or from other products offerings. This API is publicly accessible and can be used by our partners as well.

Use Cases

The API lives under one endpoint, all you need to do you open a new browser window to the following urls. If Bullhorn is running in another tab then the window will close and the page will be opened within the current Bullhorn context. If Bullhorn is not running the user will be prompted to login before being brought to the page.


Every OpenWindow calls has a few required params:

Params Description
entity Define the Entity type for the page you want to open
view The tab, section, or view to open, eg. Add, Edit, Notes

Opening Add Forms

Entity Call
Candidate: /OpenWindow.cfm?entity=Candidate&view=Add
ClientContact: /OpenWindow.cfm?entity=ClientContact&view=Add
ClientCorporation: /OpenWindow.cfm?entity=ClientCorporation&view=Add
JobOrder: /OpenWindow.cfm?entity=JobOrder&view=Add
Placement: /OpenWindow.cfm?entity=Placement&view=Add
Opportunity: /OpenWindow.cfm?entity=Opportunity&view=Add
Lead: /OpenWindow.cfm?entity=Lead&view=Add

If you want to add a note to any of the top level entities you can use the AddNote view:


Or alternatively you can use the Note entity and pass all of the references yourself:

    &action=Phone Call
    &comments=Really interesting message
    &personReferenceID=123       // About
    &otherPersonReferenceIDs=1   // Candidate, Lead, Contact references
    &jobOrderReferenceID=1       // Job references
    &opportunityID=456           // Opportunity references
    &placementReferenceID=1      // Placement references

Overview Pages

The same concept can be applied for the overview pages using the Overview view parameter, just make sure you remember to include an id parameter as well:


If you want to open a the activity tab on the overview you can use the Activity view parameter. Additionally you can use the expandedSection parameter to have a specific section open:


The Edit tab can be opened with specific Edit view parameters:

// Edit


The OpenWindow API has been changed frequently over the years as new entities and sections of the application get added or updated. The API is stable and no foreseeable changes are planned. This Article does not include all of the features in the OpenWindow API or any of the nuances that might exist just the most common use cases. If you have any question or need to open a window that is not listed please ask them in our Gitter channel.