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Bullhorn Career Portal

A Bullhorn Platform SDK app that allows candidates to search for and apply to jobs.

The second step in the deployment process is to upload the configured Bullhorn Career Portal release package to a website hosting service. The following guide walks through the process of uploading to an Amazon AWS S3 host:

1. Create or sign into an Amazon AWS Account

Hosting the Bullhorn Career Portal on Amazon AWS requires the use of the S3 bucket service. If you do not already have an Amazon AWS account, create one here.

2. Navigate to the S3 Bucket Service

In the AWS Management Console, select the S3 under the Storage & Content Delivery section:

AWS management console

The S3 Management Console displays:

S3 management console

3. Create a new S3 bucket to store Bullhorn Career Portal content

Select Actions --> Create Bucket... and provide a name and AWS region that most closely matches your company’s location. Consider naming the bucket with the convention [My Company Name]-careers to identify it uniquely among other AWS S3 buckets. Click the Create button:

create S3 bucket

4. Configure the S3 Bucket to serve HTML Content

Make sure your bucket is selected in the All Buckets list view on the left side of the S3 Management Console. Open the Properties pane on the right side, if not already open, by clicking on the Properties button at top right. Expand the Static Website Hosting section, select the Enable website hosting option, and input index.html into the Index Document field. Finally, click the Save button in the Static Website Hosting section:

host S3 content as a site

5. Modify S3 Bucket Permissions for Internet Access

In order for everyone to see the contents of your S3 bucket, read-only permissions must be granted to anonymous users. Reference Amazon’s bucket policy pages for full details.

The template policy for anonymous access looks like this (notice the [ YOUR BUCKET NAME HERE ] token):

{ "Version": "2012-10-17", "Statement": [ { "Sid": "AddPerm", "Effect": "Allow", "Principal": "*", "Action": "s3:GetObject", "Resource": "arn:aws:s3:::[ YOUR BUCKET NAME HERE ]/*" } ] }

To set up the bucket policy, expand the Permissions section in the Properties pane of your selected bucket. Click the Add bucket policy button, and input the policy text above into the Bucket Policy Editor dialog that appears, replacing the [ YOUR BUCKET NAME HERE ] token with your bucket name. Click the Save button:

S3 bucket policy

6. Upload Bullhorn Career Portal package to the S3 Bucket

Click the newly created bucket in the All Buckets list on the S3 Management Console. The bucket contents display, with a The bucket is empty message. Click Actions --> Upload, then Add Files buttons. Navigate to the location of your extracted and configured Bullhorn Career Portal package from the Download and Configure step, and select the files to upload. You can upload multiple files at once. Click the Start Upload button:

S3 file upload

Repeat this process for each subfolder in the Bullhorn Career Portal package (each must be done seperately). When complete, the bucket should look similar this:

S3 bucket

7. Test your Bullhorn Career Portal

Navigate back to the S3 Management Console by clicking the All Buckets link. Select the newly created bucket, open the Properties pane, expand the Static Website Hosting section and click on the Endpoint link. The S3 Management Console will open Bullhorn Career Portal in a new browser tab. Verify the portal is displaying jobs published via the Bullhorn ATS/CRM JobCast screen.

8. Optional - Set up a custom domain name

The URL which acts as the endpoint for your Amazon AWS S3 Career Portal is determined by the Amazon AWS S3 service, and can be cumbersome to type in. If you own your a custom domain name, for example, you can modify your DNS entries to point a sub-domain, for example, to your Amazon AWS S3 Career Portal instead of using the default URL. For detailed instructions, see Amazon’s Setting Up a Static Website Using a Custom Domain.

That’s it! Your configured Bullhorn Career Portal is uploaded and ready for use!